Meet the Secure and ~surveillance resistant~ Blackphone from SGP Technologies

UPDATE August 14th, 2014:  Blackphone HACKED at Defcon Read more here → Blackphone Hacked One thing to note though. One of the issues was reportedly fixed and the other is being said not to be a vulnerability. If you read the original article below, you will note that one of the top features of this device [...]

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Where Do Your Representatives Stand on Spying?

A coalition of organizations and individuals have created, “Stand Against Spying.”  Enter your address to see where your representatives stand on illegal mass spying, sign the open letter to the President, and stay informed through email updates from EFF and Greenpeace. Hit up this link to get more info -->

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Join the TOR Challenge

Today the Electronic Frontier Foundation jointly with the Tor Project, the Free Software Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, announced the launch of the Tor Challenge, a call for volunteers to setup Tor relays. "Democratic activists, whistleblowers, and journalists all over the world rely on Tor to shield their identities when they use the [...]

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Mobile and Social Media Privacy Concerns

Mobile and social media have become ingrained in all of our lives, but are they really viable marketing platforms? During the “Socialize and Mobilize” panel on Day One of the ’14 Intersport Activation, NFL GM/Mobile Manish Jha noted that audiences adapted to cable television far more rapidly than ad dollars shifted from broadcast to cable, [...]

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iPhone Tracks your Every Move with “Frequent Locations” Feature

It’s common knowledge that your smartphone is tracking what you do and where you go, but did you know that iPhone and Android are cataloging your frequent locations, including your arrival and departure times?  “Frequent Locations” is something Apple says is only for providing personalization services and that the feature can be [...]

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