Microsoft Finally Takes The Freemium Route With Office Apps for iPad and iPhone

If you haven't already heard or seen for yourself, Microsoft has recently removed the subscription fees required to get the fully functional mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). It would be easy to say and many probably will, that this won't help Microsoft fight Google at the [...]

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Viber update brings fixes and new features

Skype rival Viber is bringing new features with it's new update. The latest Viber update includes an array of new features and performance fixes including an improved sticker menu, the ability to reorder your stickers, an easier interface to create group conversations and integration with your devices contact list for easier calls and messaging. [...]

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Five incredible iOS 8 features Apple didn’t mention

Apple add a ton of new features to iOS 8 today and more are surely on the way once new iPhones and iPads are announced, but while Photos, Messaging and Notification Center stole most of the spotlight today, there were a bunch of smaller features Apple didn’t cover. Better camera tools, battery statistics, new Siri [...]

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iPhone Tracks your Every Move with “Frequent Locations” Feature

It’s common knowledge that your smartphone is tracking what you do and where you go, but did you know that iPhone and Android are cataloging your frequent locations, including your arrival and departure times?  “Frequent Locations” is something Apple says is only for providing personalization services and that the feature can be [...]

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