Doctors Augment Surgery With Google Glass

I have written before about consumerization of healthcare and I am very passionate about this subject as I feel it is one of those rare cases of “everybody wins”. The article below is another great example of how technology and devices from other seemingly non-related fields, help us not only improve patient’s perception of care [...]

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Healthcare Consumerization with Mobile Devices

Article: Healthcare Consumerization with Mobile Devices “Everything that is done in Healthcare is about improving the quality of patient care. Every HealthCare organization is looking for ways to make our visit to their facilities as pleasant as possible. They want to retain us as loyal customers. They also, of course, want to make money or, at [...]

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Bridging the gap between health cloud, mobile security

The promise of cloud applications is reduced costs and increased flexibility for IT and employees alike. But federal and state privacy regulations put cloud applications out of reach for most healthcare organizations. Specifically,protected health information (PHI) cannot reside unencrypted on the third party serversthat deliver cloud applications. Failure to comply can result in substantial fines, as evidenced [...]

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