Making IT work: Cached Exchange Mode in Virtual Desktops

Over the last year I’ve posted several articles about FSLogix Apps, a pretty cool product that uses a new virtualization method to fix things like multiple java versions (java redirection), allowing multiple versions of the same app to be in the base image without having to do AppV sequencing, and even redirecting user data.  Sequencing and isolating browser instances (Java sequencing) seems like “so totally yesterday” when you can put all your Java versions in the same base image and have the right version automatically used at the right time for the right app.  Good stuff.

What’s New?

FSLogix has recently published a FAQ on making Outlook perform in virtual desktops just like on PCs and laptops.  This is not a big deal in named, or ‘persistent’ VDI, where each user has their own permanent virtual desktop, but has been an almost impossible problem to solve in non-persistent environments.

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