Electronic Frontier Foundation Updates Cell Phone Guide for US Protesters

Citing major protests being in the news again, EFF has updated their cell phone guide for protesters releasing the guide as an updated 2014 Edition.  As EFF notes, much has changed since they last published this report in 2011, “On the one hand, we’ve learned more about the massive volume of law enforcement requests for cell phone—ranging from location information to actual content—and widespread use of dedicated cell phone surveillance technologies. On the other hand, strong Supreme Court opinions have eliminated any ambiguity about the unconstitutionality of warrantless searches of phones incident to arrest, and a growing national consensus says location data, too, is private.
The guide includes section on what to do before the protest, at the protest, what to do if you get arrested, and how to get your phone back if it was seized during the event.  This is a great resource for people attending protests as participants, as well as those attending from a press and media role.
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