Ecoh Allows Parents to View Children’s Surroundings With Wearable Outward Facing Video Camera

The wearable safety and telecommunication device that gives parents peace of mind and children freedom to play is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

MELBOURNE, Australia, Nov. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Ecoh, a wearable safety and telecommunication device, is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo in hopes of raising$100,000 for product tooling and manufacturing. Ecoh has been designed to be simple and functional, making it perfect for use with children or the elderly. Features include a HD video camera, easy-to-use speed dial buttons, Bluetooth and WiFi connections, and a GPS locator. The device is also water-resistant and shock-proof.

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The main function of Ecoh is to act as a two-way communication system between parents and children. The 2×2 inch device securely attaches to a child’s clothing with a smart clip that detects removal. Instead of complicated menus to navigate, children simply press one of the speed dial buttons on the device to immediately connect with a guardian’s phone. Ecoh also features a GPS locator, that can intermittently send “ecoh’s” of the child’s locations to the guardian’s phone, and a camera that lets parents immediately see the world through the eyes of their child.

Rather than removing all freedom from children, Ecoh is equipped with features that allow parents to confidently send them into the world. The Ecoh app can be used to set “E Zones” along the route a child may take while walking from home to a park. The child is then free to safely travel in that zone, and the parent is instantly notified if the child leaves the designated area for any reason.

“We want kids playing at the parks like they used to, instead of sitting at home in front of a TV because their parents are afraid to give them permission to play outside,” Marina Trninic, Ecoh’s creator, said. “Ecoh lets kids do all the fun things that kids should do while still giving parents peace of mind in knowing their children are safe.”

Ecoh also features a silicone bracelet and shoe tag that are embedded with proximity sensors. If the central Ecoh device is ever removed from the child and moved further than two meters away from the proximity sensors, it immediately sets off a high-pitched alarm and notifies the parent’s mobile device. If Ecoh is not removed, but the shock sensors indicate a struggle, the device goes into “dynamic black box mode” which begins recording video, audio, and GPS data, whilst simultaneously transmitting that data to a secure server and the parent’s phone.

Ecoh’s crowdfunding campaign will be live on Indiegogo until November 26. A contribution of just $100 buys a complete Ecoh set that includes the Ecoh unit, a proximity sensor bracelet, a proximity sensor shoe tag, and the Ecoh smartphone app. Eventual retail price for this Ecoh set will be $299. For more information about Ecoh, or to donate to the campaign, visit the Indiegogo page at


SafeTcom, founded by Marina Trninic in 2011, focuses on the development of mobile personal security technology for children and seniors. Ecoh, the child safety and communications system, is the company’s first released product. The SafeTcom team is comprised of individuals whose talents range from project management to software development, but who all share a common passion for safety technology for loved ones. Learn more at

Media Contact: Erin Kenny, SafeTcom, 336-671-7711,

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