Sharing Folders With Unifyle

Last week I kicked off my Unifyle how-to series with a high level overview of Unifyle. Today I am going to show you easy it is to use Unifyle to share a folder with anyone to provide an easy way for people to upload files directly where you want them. You don't need to worry about [...]

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Unifyle How-To Series

Unifyle is a virtual file management solution that is built on proven technology that has been around for over 5 years as a consumer solution called Primadesk. The same developers wanted to adapt this technology for the enterprise and launched Unifyle just a few months ago. Now you can access, manage, edit and share all your business [...]

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FSLogix Font Management

A couple weeks ago I played with the FSLogix Java Rule Editor beta and posted a review (FSLogix Delivers Simple Java Version Management). I wanted to go back and take a look at the font management piece, but instead of just doing a review I thought I’d do a quick guide to setting up font [...]

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5 Ways To Save Money on Mobile Bills when Traveling Abroad

Whether you're traveling abroad on business or vacation, one of the biggest expenses on the trip can result from reaching out to colleagues or loved ones over seas. We've put together some tips to help lighten the load on your wallet so that every phone call doesn't start with, "I can only talk for a minute." [...]

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